Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Robot palletizer area with high productivity

A new robotic area with high tech improvement has been realized by SISCODATA with a system handling 4 lines of  box sealed .The products arrive from the tapers at 700 -800 mm from floor ad are elevated to avoid any block of fork lift traffic overhead at 2500 mm.


The areas are served by a new low profile lite shuttle ( 85 mm) that it distributes the wooden pallet of 2 sizes (EURO 800 x 1200 and CHEP 1000 x1200).The high payload of the robot permits to lift numerous boxes or bundles giving in this way a lot of capacity to the system.To permit to support this high productivity a new improved tower elevator has been designed with a double  mirrored shuttle lifter.



The system has been equipped with a totally new systen of compactor +rotator + spacer of the income box developed by Siscodata and fully electronically controlled .At the PC in the office the operator without disturbing the production can generate the robot file to be transfer by USB or by net with a very user friendly screen drag&amp,drop technique (see below pictures and the previous post on Autoselfpallet 6.0 ) pacchetto-software-di-creazione-dei. pattern su PC ed esportazione su robot CONAU -ABB

Box pattern spaced as requested

The system can handle under certain conditions up to 15 cartons per minute on each line .The robot can palletize up to 2400 mm under a ceiling of 3500-3600 mm and can handle also the interlayer and the slipsheet in plastic. 
The barrier muting assure all the safety necessary while the additional shuttle brings the completed pallet to the stretch film automatic system that it provides to prepare the pallet for the shipment or the warehousing .
robotic spacing electronically controlled
screen drag& drop user freindly software box pallet spacer solution

 The robot Comau have a payload of 260 kg with more of 3000 mm of arm lenght  this permits with the special gripper sandwiched to stay and operate under a very low ceiling of 3500 mm considering the pallet height of 2.400 thans also to the low profile transportation of 85 mm

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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Palletizer and Packer area filling boxes at Automatica 2012 in cooperation with Comau
Siscodata ha partecipato ad AUTOMATICA 2012 a Monaco di Baviera allo show esponendo in collaborazione con COMAU un'area di palletizzazione con il nuovo robot PAL da 260 kg ed un area Packer di scatole FEFCO 0204 Americane con un nuovo tool di presa di buste .Allo show a tutt'oggi il piu importante in Europa e' stata così mostrata la grande flessibilita' del sistema di trasporti e packaging basato  sull'insieme COMAU SISCODATA nella realizzazioni di aree funzionali in spazi ridotti .Alla famiglia di nuovi robot Comau di cui Siscodata è integratore preferenziale e' stata aggiunto un nuovo robot da 6 assi e 60 kg presentato per l'occasione .
Panorama virtual tour at COMAU booth at automatica-2012-munich-siscodata-comau