Saturday, March 22, 2014

MULTIPLE BOX SIZES CARTON ERECTOR - LCE Soluzione automatica per creazione in linea di differenti tipi di scatole da una sola formatrice

Siscodata has furthly evoluted and reduced in dimension too his automatic robotic machine able to create up to 5 sizes of carton. The first system of this type was presented in the FAST fair in Verona (Italy) in the 2001 and from that time many improvement and application has been installed and still working. Systems with 2 or 3 sizes of box erected at the same time have been installed at the beginning of 2000's years and are still working in Zucchi-Bassetti Textile and MGM electrical motor manufacturer (see below Zucchi-Bassetti 2005 plant).
During these years Siscodata has constantly improved its LCE (Large Case Erector) system  in production by year 2000, increasing the speed and the performance and reducing the area space.

Now a new fully updated system has been created in a smaller space (from 2 x 2.8 meter), with capacity up to 5 box/minute and the capacity to work a full pallet of stacked carton boxes without stop also meanwhile loading more cartons.

A special device has been added to let the robot that it runs also  while the operator is reloading  the cartons with the door opened.Thank to this the operation is done  in full safety (CE rules) leaving the robot arm working.

More of 1 meter stacked carton can be loaded into the silos  so the operation it is unfrequent too.
Another future  of the new system it is that can oprate also on very large size of cartons  like in use for example on the new Plasma or LED TV set of 40 " or more .

The total max width+lenght of the box can be 1.200L x 350 W mm or combination of the 2 dimensions L+W up a total of 1550 mm.
As said the area for 1 only size is about 2000 x 2.800 mm with a minimum ceiling of 3.5 mt approximately.

The robot used into the area  is a new generation series COMAU (group FIAT CHRYSLER car) high speed 6 axis but can be also an ABB robot

An LCA-5 size area ,as shown here at left ,can supply with different LOGOs or different sizes many lines of production  with the different size or type (can be different Logo) and distribute to the production line in an intelligent way .

The line receives from the PLC supervisor of the line the request to produce on carton for that line as the accumulaion buffer of empty boxes goes under minimum quantity anomalies.The signals can be sent  through 5 clean contact sor by ethernet connection.

For more info ask Mr.Brambilla at or at +39.0332.472471