Sunday, December 1, 2013

TOP TRAY LID for wet wipe -Applicatore robotizzato di coperchietti su buste salviettine umidificate

Arriving to a top max speed of 90 pcs/minute the new Siscodata  robotic system to apply top tray lid on wet wipe bag  has to be considered a machine that can be installed in one day once unpacked .
The line is assembled in one block on Vulkolan wheels  to start up and run it is enough to  connect the power and the air at 6 Bar  and teaching to the camera system the LID shape and the position of hot melt glueing the system becames ready to run.

A labeller applies the logo label on the lid during the transit on the pocket transportation in the station following the  denester.  An HMI in connection with the Siemens PLC S7 permits to arrange easily the different types and to manage the shape of the spray dots..before the application .
A special patch in the program permits to test on one single top lid bringing later in a check visula control by the human operator
A new Siscodata denester with 3 adjustable positive motorized silos of more of 1 mt lenght  applies precisely 3 lids in one shot .The denester can arrive to 120 ppm without problems.
The area based on an ABB flexpicker robot is  extremely compact can be loaded on a truck or a container and put in working in few hours and can be moved  on Vulkolan wheels .